Have you ever looked at a hair product label and had no idea what you were reading or what the ingredients were made of? We've all been there! I am a strong believer that your hair is what you feed it. In order for your hair to flourish, you need to know what and how to feed it. For this reason, you deserve to know exactly what's going into your hair. 

Many Naturals, including myself, have tried their hand at making fresh and natural products. These products are safe, and they might even work well, but they can be time-consuming and hard to find that magical recipe. I am here to save you time and give you a product that is safe, fresh and nourishing for your hair!

Founders Story

My name is Zeisa Vieira and I am the Founder and Creator of Zeisa’s Haircare. I was born in Cabo Verde, Africa and moved to the United States at 7 years old. I started making natural hair masks in 2013 when I began my natural hair journey. I started doing a lot of research on natural DIY masks and hair treatments to strip my hair of relaxer and heat damages, with the hopes of transitioning back to my natural curls. I was not familiar with many all-natural hair products and the ones that I did know about were too expensive for me to afford as a college student. I found that many hair products that I used growing up had too many chemicals and hazardous ingredients. Although they looked natural, they were definitely not healthy or safe for my hair.

Through my research, I learned about natural ingredients such as avocado, shea butter, coconut oil, Jamaican black castor oil and much more. I started replacing toxic ingredients with these natural fruits and oils and created my own hair masks. I consistently used my natural masks once a week for 3 years and my hair pattern transformed into beautiful curls. I never knew that my hair was capable of curling - let alone being able to do a wash and go. Throughout the years, I started introducing my creations to my friends and family. In August 2018, I launched Zeisa's Haircare with the hopes of providing safe, non-toxic and natural hair products to kinky/curly-haired women.